Soulo Cypher

Soulo Cypher

6 Episodes

Soulo is the digital cornerstone of hip-hop. Based in NYC, we invite dancers worldwide to connect with a selection of hand-curated artists who have made impactful contributions in their respective styles. Giving homage to the cultural and historical roots of hip-hop, we provide a live-stream service of knowledge straight to your fingertips.

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Soulo Cypher
  • Soulo Cypher Interview - AB-Girl

    Episode 1

    "That was something special because what you see now, it is different." Before even having cable or seeing videos, AB-Girl shares her first encounter with Hip-Hop and the shift it brought on here on Soulo New York.

  • Soulo Cypher Interview: Hurrikane

    Episode 2

  • Soulo Cypher Interview: Jazzy J

    Episode 3

    "Music moves the soul." Jazzy J reflects and shares his journey with us for a special one-on-one, here on Soulo New York.

  • Soulo Cypher Interview: Chrybaby Cozie

    Episode 4

    Coming from the 80's as a dance from Harlem, Chrybaby Cozie discusses the style from "Getting Lite" to Lite Feet and its entirety here on Soulo New York.

  • Soulo Cypher Interview: Jiggz

    Episode 5

    Check out, as we sit down in our latest interview with B-Boy Jiggz. The New York-based dancer gives an insight into his 23 years' worth of experience.

  • Soulo Cypher Interview: Buddha Stretch

    Episode 6

    "If you do not put a value to what you do, then who will?” Exclusive insight with Buddha Stretch as we sit one-on-one for this Soulo interview.